MANPHOTO Miguel Angel Nicola Figueroa

Miguel Angel Cristian Nicola Figueroa

Since childhood he has been passionate about photography.
It allows him to transcribe situations that he knows only images can achieve.
He studied in the USA and Africa. In Argentina he studied Arts at UBA, and photography in the Foto Club Buenos Aires. He perfects his skill in varied courses of digital handling.
He completed training in CAECOPAZ (Argentinean Center of Combined Training for Operations of Peace) and he is a certified United Nations correspondent in conflict areas. 
He has exhibited his work in Argentina, Peru and Ethiopia among others countries.
He is President of the NGO Faraway , Secretary of NGO Un Lugar en el Mundo, and adviser for several non-profit organizations in Europe, Africa and South America. He is currently working for an organization (CAAD) that supports people with disablilities to benefit those who are in need.

Miguel Angel Nicola Figueroa